confidential drug addiciton recovery


confidential drug addiciton recovery


Columbia Suboxone Clinic

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About Our Practice in Columbia, SC

When you come to our office, what’s important about your past is how it can help you reclaim your future. We offer judgment-free treatment, and respond to your honesty with personalized, caring treatment.

Our goal is to make sure every patient feels like a whole person, not just someone struggling with opioid addiction. We do this by learning about the patient, their families, and their circumstances. Then we offer treatment that can include counseling and psychological care, helping you find food banks and other resources, and assisting you in getting a job. We even work with outside psychiatrists and other health professionals to make sure your needs are met.

We prioritize getting you into appointments as soon as possible, to make sure you’re heard and treated, and to avoid relapse. That said, we’re happy to work with people at any point in their journey to recovery — even if they’ve been unsuccessful so far.

At Columbia Suboxone Clinic, we want you to feel cared for and capable of successfully overcoming your opioid addiction.

One Call Can Change Your Life

When you need help with opiate addiction, don’t compromise on your recovery. The experts at Columbia Suboxone Clinic are standing by to help you begin your journey to wellness.

Customized Care

We customize our programs to meet your needs, taking your medical history, family and friends, and unique circumstances into account.

Flexible Availability

When you need us, we’re able to get you help fast and on a schedule that works for you. Same and next day appointments are available to make sure you get care when you need it.

Experienced Staff

Our compassionate staff makes sure your suboxone dosage is carefully measured, and your other recovery needs are met, to ensure your personalized care is as effective as possible.